Volunteer Role Descriptions

The British Racing Automobile Club - Ontario Chapter (BARC) is always looking for new volunteers to assist the club in running our events. Below is a short summary of jobs that might be of interest.:

Race Director

The Race Director organizes the event. It is his/her job to ensure that trained and equipped staff are available in all departments and contracts all outside service providers needed to operate the race. They develop race schedules and acquire event insurance and permits. The Race Director verifies with the Registrar that the monies collected reconciles with the entry list.


Registration staff ensure that competitors complete entry forms, place them in the correct class and collect the necessary fees. Have other volunteers sign the waivers. Ensure that timing receives a list of competitors in expected time frame. On the job training is provided


Scrutineers examine race cars to make sure that they meet the construction and safety specifications set out by CASC rules and provide stickers to show that the cars are safe to enter the race track.


Grid staff line the cars up for practices and races. They follow a "grid sheet" for races showing the order of qualification for each race. they also check for Teck stickers and that all drivers have safety equipment in place. In the case of a red flag the Grid team also re grids the cars on the track for a restart of the race. On the job training is provided.


Pitlane staff ensure the rules of the pits are observed, pass messages from Control to the drivers, extinguish fires and allow only those authorized into the pits. On the job training and first aid training is provided.


The Starter starts races as long as the cars are in the right order. They time the sessions and provide other signals to drivers such as danger flags, last lap warnings and checkered flags.


The results person obtains faxes of the finishing order of the cars from timing for all practices, qualifiers and races, makes copies of the grid sheets for the grids. Makes copies and posts results from each session for all drivers.

Judge of Fact

Judges of Fact are officials that monitor cars crossing the blend line exiting the pits, they observe false starts and report speeding ad other offences in the pits.

Track Rescue Services:

Trucks attend the scene of incidents on the race track under yellow flag conditions. They deal with the drivers, fires, fluid spills and towing of damaged cars or repair tire wall damage if necessary. On the job training as well as first aid and fire training is provided.


The Paddock Officer maps out where competitors are located in the paddock and communicates with competitors as directed by Control.


The last race of each class on Sunday is brought to the podium area and trophies and other prizes are given out to competitors as well as the top three finishers are announced to the crowd. Ice water and towels are given to competitors . The Podium Officer is the MC of this process.


Communications staff distribute and collect the radios that are used during the event and deal with any radio issues during the day.


This person collects information before the race weekend from various members and writes articles that are used to produce a program that is available for competitors, volunteers and spectators.


Stewards of the event deal with driving behaviour incidents and also ensure that the rules governing competitions are upheld. they have the ability to level penalties for non compliance of these rules.

Deputy Clerks

Deputy Clerks operate the radio networks used to communicate and control on track activities. Several channels are in use.

Clerk of the Course

The clerk of the Course control the activities of the event and is the Chief Official. This position provides direction to the Deputy Clerks on the radio and makes decisions concerning on and off track activities.

For more information on any of these please contact any one of our board members at:


or join us at our monthly meeting at the

Lone Star Restaurant, 960 Dixon Road, Toronto, Ontario

first Tuesday of every month


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