The organization structure of BARC features a Board Of Directors, elected by the vote of the general membership, and an Executive which is made up of committee heads or individuals appointed by the Board Of Directors. In order to be a member of the board or executive, a person needs to be

  • self-motivated and responsible
  • prepared to spend the time necessary to fulfill the requirements of their position
  • have good interpersonal skills in order to motivate people and lead a team

Board Of Directors

The board positions are elected in alternating groups of four to a two year term. In this way, at least half the board members have been on the board the previous year ensuring consitency and continuity. The board positions are elected as follows:

Terms Beginning In Odd Year

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Directors (2)

Terms Beginning In Even Year

  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Directors (2)

The immediate Past President is the ninth member of the board.


The executive is made up of people who are appointed by the board to manage particular operating areas or committees;

  • Membership Secretary
  • Race Director/Committee
  • Ice Race Director/Committee
  • Honda Indy Committee
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Webmaster
  • Social Director/Committee
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